eyebrow waxing + SHAPING + RE-SHAPING + TWEEZING    




brows. + clean-up  - 45

LOVE your brows. 

This waxing service is for clients that wish to maintain their shape.



brows.  re-design + shape - 50

get back on track.

This service is for clients that need a helping hand. 

Let us help you with an individual approach to creating the best eyebrow for you. 



wax/tweeze combo - 50

wax tops + middle + tweeze under brow line

This service is for clients that wish to combine services because of preference.



brows. tweeze clean-up -  50

for sensitive skin

This non-wax service is for clients that wish to maintain their shape. 



brows.  re-design + tweeze + shape  - 50-65

custom brow tweezing

This non-wax is for clients looking for a new eyebrow shape. 



micro blade clean-up:

 Trim + tweeze. maintain your new eyebrows - 40/45


6-week overhaul:

brows. wax overhaul -  120 - brow tweeze overhaul - 140


You will receive 3 personalized sessions  + tutorials + wax (or tweeze) + shape.

We will help you achieve  your  eyebrow goal(s).

We have helped many women get the eyebrows of their dreams.

3 sessions  in 6 weeks + a 60 day supply of our Booster  



+ Add lip or chin waxing to any service   +5 ea.

+Additional face waxing + 15 (tbd)

+ Anti-aging under eye mask +15         


It is important to find the right shape for YOUR face.  

We serve hundreds of eyebrow only clients per month. 


*studio, group pricing and individual services available*